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Center Director Authors 'Cell Signaling' Textbook

July 1, 2014

 In a novel approach to teaching about cell signaling, Center Director Wendell Lim has co-authored an undergraduate-to-graduate level textbook with a unique bottom-up view of cell signaling, focusing on common principles and mechanisms underlying many cell signaling processes.

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CSSB Lab Develops Novel Approach for Reactivating Latent HIV

June 20, 2014

In a new study published today in Science, Center researcher Roy Dar, investigator Leor Weinberger, and colleagues describe a new method that takes advantage of the transcriptional noise of HIV.

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2014 iGEM season kicks off with a meeting at NASA with the Stanford/Brown/Spelman iGEM Team

June 13, 2013

The iGEM team capped off their first week with a trip to NASA Ames Research Center to tour the world's largest wind tunnel and to see the NASA synthetic biology labs. These labs are host to the Stanford/ Brown/ Spelman iGEM team, and our team met with them to share project ideas and encouragement.

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Full Day of Talks and Posters Highlight Work from the Center

May 8, 2014

 The Center hosted their annual Scientific Advisory Board meeting at the beginning of May -- an opportunity for the group to think about overall scientific directions and goals with the help of Advisory Board members-in-attendance Lucy Shapiro and Claire Tomlin, as well as Paul Brazhnik from the NIH/NIGMS.

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Center Deputy Directors Hana El-Samad and Nevan Krogan featured in Cell's "40 under 40"

May 1, 2014

To celebrate 40 years of publishing exciting science, Cell Press chose 40 scientists, all under the age of 40, from a variety of biological fields and invited them to talk about their careers, the future of science, and life away from the bench. Check out their thoughts on the exciting work going on in the Center and inspiring words of wisdom about overcoming challenges in scientific research here at: http://www.cell.com/40/under40.

Center Promotes K-12 and University Partnerships at 2014 ASBMB HOPES Workshop

April 26, 2014

At their annual Experimental Biology meeting held in San Diego, the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology hosted the HOPES (Hands-on Opportunities to Promote Engagement in Science) Workshop.

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Center gives out special awards for quantitative approaches to students at Synopsys Science Fair

March 12, 2014

For the past two years, the Center has sponsored Special Awards at the Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair (Synopsys) which highlight quantitative or interdisciplinary approaches to fundamental biological questions.

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Center co-organizes "Is a PhD for me?" event in Atlanta at Agnes Scott College

February 1, 2014

On February 1, 2014, the Center Education Coordinator participated in a graduate school symposium at Agnes Scott College, an ethnically diverse women’s college in Atlanta, Georgia. The workshop was titled “Is a Ph.D. for Me? What You Can Be with a Ph.D. in Engineering & Life Sciences” and focused on the varied reasons for pursuing a graduate degree and determining which university/graduate program would be the best fit for a student.

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2013 iGEM team networks with UCSF iGEM alumni

January 3, 2014

On January 3rd, iGEM team members, alumni, and families gathered to celebrate the 2013 iGEM teams gold medal performance. The team presented their main research findings from the summer to their families and alumni who were present.

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A CRISPR imaging tool

December 20, 2013

Visualizing specific endogenous genomic loci in living cells has been challenging. Now reported in the latest issue of Cell, Center Fellow Lei Stanley Qi and colleagues have repurposed the bacterial CRISPR/Cas system for use as a robust imaging tool.

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Shedding light on Ras signaling

December 9, 2013

Cellular optogenetic tools have been used to control the activity of isolated signaling proteins within living cells. In new work published in Cell, Center investigators Jared Toettcher, Wendell Lim, and colleagues now harness the power of optogenetics to track information flow from the signaling protein Ras.

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NIGMS funds three new systems biology centers

December 3, 2013

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) announced last week it will fund three new national centers for systems biology.

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UCSF iGEM program featured in latest issue of iBioMagazine

November 15, 2013

iBioMagazine is supported by the American Society for Cell Biology and is a series of short talks that go behind the scenes and highlight the human side of research. The November 2013 issues features a short video on the UCSF iGEM program.

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UCSF iGEM team takes home gold medal and advances to World Championship

October 8, 2013

The UCSF iGEM team just returned from competing at the iGEM North American Regional Jamboree held in Toronto. 

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Making programmable chemical controllers from DNA

October 4, 2013

Systems Biology Fellow David Soloveichik and collaborators report the use of chemical reaction networks as a 'programming language' to show that DNA molecules can be programmed to implement any behavior that can be mathematically expressed as such. 

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NIH announces 2013 High Risk, High Reward research awards

October 2, 2013

Three Center investigators--Leor Weinberger, Zev Gartner, and Lei Stanley Qi--were recently awarded prestigious 'High Risk, High Reward' research grants from NIH. 

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