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UCSF iGEM program featured in latest issue of iBioMagazine

November 15, 2013

iBioMagazine is supported by the American Society for Cell Biology and is a series of short talks that go behind the scenes and highlight the human side of research. The November 2013 issues features a short video on the UCSF iGEM program.

Interviews with Wendell Lim of UCSF and George Cachianes of Abraham Lincoln High School (ALHS) chronicle the evolution of the partnership between UCSF and ALHS and the start of the UCSF iGEM program back in 2007. The video also features interviews with iGEM participants from the 2012 team. Ahead of their participation in the program, the students reveal why they were interested in participating in iGEM and what their expectations were. At the end of the summer program, the students reflect on their experience, detailing some of the highlights and challenges of doing research. Watch below or find the complete interview here on the iBiology website.