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Center trainees judge and hand out awards at local 2013 science fairs

March 25, 2013

The Synopsis Championship brings over 1000 student science fair projects to the San Jose convention Center every March to promote research in science and engineering.

In 2012, volunteers from the Center participated as judges for biochemistry and biology projects at the middle and high school level. Judges reviewed student projects, interviewed top contenders and then worked in teams to nominate winners in various categories. The volunteers also had the opportunity to network with local scientists and speak to students about their experiences as a scientist at UCSF. For the 2013 Synopsis Championship and Santa Clara Vally Science and Engineering Fair on March 13th, 2013, our Center sponsored a special award for projects that “demonstrated interdisciplinary and/or quantitative approaches to answering biological questions.” First and second place awards were given to the best projects in both the middle and high school grade levels and were chosen by a group of 6 Center scientists who participated as judges. As our Center seeks to expand volunteer and outreach opportunities for our members, we have identified the San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair as a local organization promoting science education among middle and high school students. The science fair is held every March at the San Francisco County Fair Building and selects over 300 students from eight Bay Area counties to enter the competition. This year four volunteers from the Center reviewed and scored projects from grades 7-12 and selected students to be interviewed for top awards on March 20th, 2013. To promote systems biology among young scientists, we also plan to sponsor a special award for this fair in 2014.