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Is a PhD for Me? Helping students pave the path to grad school

April 12, 2015

In its third annual appearance, the Center helped to organize and lead this year's "Is a PhD for Me?" Symposium with Synberc on UC Berkeley Campus.


Over 100 undergraduate students from local Bay Area community colleges and universities registered to attend a day-long workshop (on a weekend!) to learn about what it means to be a graduate student in STEM fields. A panel of current and former graduate students helped answer questions and dispel myths, while talks from faculty researchers helped inspire students to imagine themselves one day in that position. Talks from education experts, like our Center Education Coordinator, helped lay out the nuts and bolts of the application and evaluation process.


The first two of these events were held at Prairie View A&M in Texas and Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, particularly targeted to promote diversity and inclusion of all undergraduates. The feedback from the students was immensely positive, and we have plans to continue next year! Let us know if you have a good site in mind that needs this type of support.