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Encouraging Young Scientists in Local Science Fairs

March 25, 2015

Every Spring, middle and high schoolers across the Bay Area gear up for their regional science fairs. Scientists from the Center traveled to two local science fairs to help judge and select outstanding students for awards.


At the Synopsys Science and Technology Championship in San Jose on March 11, the Center sponsored a special award for "Outstanding Quantitative or Interdisciplinary Approaches to Fundamental Biological Questions". Four UCSF researchers viewed over 250 projects and interviewed 12 students for their awards in both the middle school and high school categories. As usual, the quality of projects this year was phenomenal, and top awards went to students who self-taught programming skills and used it for bioinformatic analysis! Our awards have not been announced to the students yet, but hopefully we'll be able to update soon with more details on these budding young scientists.


On March 25, another team of Center researchers headed to the San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair to help with general judging of all the projects. Fortunately for us, one of the head judges was unable to attend so one of our postdocs stepped up and got to help select the winners of the grand prize.


These experiences are so valuable to us as researchers, but also to the community -- encouraging reciprocity, involvement, transparency, and education! We're proud to have participated the last several years, and looking forward to the next ones.