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Center Supports Women in STEM at Expanding Potential Workshop

November 15, 2014

 The Center helped sponsor a workshop coorganized by QB3 and Synberc called "Expanding Potential: A workshop advocating for women in STEM".

This daylong meeting had a variety of speakers who covered topics such as implicit bias, imposter syndrome, and childcare in academia. With over 250 registrants, this workshop demonstrated the strong need in our fields to make important steps on these issues. The end of the day brought a couple of panel discussions with Q&A from the audience, as well as a networking session to make lasting connections and change.


Please see the official website for resources and a recap on the full meeting! Our Center was there live-Tweeting (@UCSFSysSynBiothe event and helping to recruit women to work with us in quantitative biosciences! We hope to help develop future iterations of this program and enact supportive change for females in science.

Photos courtesy of Synberc: Shaila Kotadia and Kevin Costa.