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Center co-organizes "Is a PhD for me?" event in Atlanta at Agnes Scott College

February 1, 2014

On February 1, 2014, the Center Education Coordinator participated in a graduate school symposium at Agnes Scott College, an ethnically diverse women’s college in Atlanta, Georgia. The workshop was titled “Is a Ph.D. for Me? What You Can Be with a Ph.D. in Engineering & Life Sciences” and focused on the varied reasons for pursuing a graduate degree and determining which university/graduate program would be the best fit for a student.

The symposium also featured two scientific talks on current research in synthetic biology. About 75 undergraduate students from 15 Atlanta-area schools registered and attended the workshop which included speakers from Georgia Institute of Technology, MIT, UC Berkeley, Agnes Scott College, Arizona State University, and UCSF. The workshop was co-organized by our Center (Center Education Coordinator Kara Helmke), SynBERC at UC Berkeley (Kate Spohr), and Agnes Scott College (Srebrenka Robic). This is the second such workshop we have helped host, the first held in November 2012 at Prairie View A&M University.

Photos from the event: